Individual or Couples Psychotherapy: 

Mollyrose Kelly, MA, LCPC, CCPT and Michael Topel, PsyD. both offer psychotherapy 1-3 times per week for each client. Mollyrose Kelly uses 

Caregiver Group Therapy: 

Burnout is a real and taxing experience that touches our lives as a whole. Mollyrose Kelly, MA, LCPC, CCPT offers an eight week online process group to caregivers, so that they may have the opportunity to share their experiences, relate with others, and refresh their internal environments. She will provide guidance, maintain a safe space, and offer skills from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Mindfulness to the group. Give yourself the gift of being heard and us the opportunity to know you. 


Psychiatric Medicine:

Addresses psycho-somatic problems and psychiatric symptoms accompanying general medical conditions. Treatment based on neuropsychiatric interpretation of symptomatology, and usually consists of a combination of medications with vitamins, supplements, and reflexotherapy. LDN is a part of the psychopharmacological armamentarium for treatment of mood disorders, eating disorders, and addictions. Offered by Dr. Mark Shukhman.

Coaching for Creatives:

Develops creative skills to work through personal and professional barriers. In a safe, supportive space, explore creative ideas with targeted techniques to increase clarity and momentum.  If self-doubt hinders success, coaching helps to identify unconscious fears and work past them. keen insight provides fresh perspectives to forge a clear path, as she instills confidence and excitement for clients to realize new visions.

Executive Coaching: