Extensive training, active researcher and a doctoral degree in Psychology; diplomate of the Center for Conflict Resolution (Chicago). 


Understanding the things you’re feeling and experiencing and what is happening; why are you feeling this way.  Whether looked at diagnostically or humanistically, difficult feelings may be trying to tell us something important; they can be honored and attended to and not simply pushed away or ignored. 


Tailored approach

Individual clients have very specific needs and preferences in what they do and don’t want in a therapy process.  It is key to attend to those preferences and work in an evidence-based treatment modality that is the right fit for the client’s needs and preferences.  Every person is unique and uniquely valuable.  Working from this perspective is a cornerstone.

Part of one’s uniqueness is made up of race, gender, age, faith, occupation, culture and sexual orientation.  Good therapy can only be found by understanding the unique ways each one experiences these dimensions of humanity and respects what they mean to you.

Hope and possibility

The chance to open new doors is the end goal and the journey itself.  Therapy ought to be fulfilling, something to look forward to and even include laughter and fun.  Life is good, and things do get better!  Let me say it again!  Life is good, growth happens, hope and joy are real, and we need to listen carefully to the still small voice inside that knows what we need so that we can reach out and accept it.

​Trust & Authenticity
This is the foundation of therapeutic relationships.  Important and difficult matters are handled with great care, warmth, empathy, acceptance, and respect.

Dr. Topel focuses on what the client is thinking and feeling.  Further, he focus with the client to goal set and find agreeable, effective ways of pursuing those goals.  He makes sure clients understand what they are doing and why.  There is a plan for healing, and specific ways of working that plan.