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Michael Topel, PsyD, Psychologist

Michael Topel has been in private practice since 2009 with a professional background in the creative arts and in business team leadership as well as working in clinical mood research at Rush University Medical Center 2008-2020.  

​​Dr. Topel specializes in working with individuals and couples improving life satisfaction, relational success both at work and at home, and traversing life changes. He works with 15-30 year-old folks managing academic, social and career challenges common to "emerging adulthood."  Dr. Topel also works in executive coaching, mediation and increased collaboration with groups and businesses. 


Additionally, Dr. Topel worked on cutting-edge unipolar and bipolar research projects at Rush University for The Woman’s Board Depression Treatment and Research Center (TRC) for 10 years.  He participated in research projects on numerous clinical trials with the TRC, Psychiatric Medicine Associates and others, and has been published on mood disorder treatments and on couple’s therapies.  Dr. Topel has appeared on local Chicago radio and television programs as a mood disorder expert.  

Prior to his counseling practice, he has coached executives and business leaders as an affiliate of both Focus Consulting Group and Whetstone Consulting.  His specialty is working with boutique firms, family-held businesses and creative individuals.  Additionally, Dr. Topel is a diplomate of the Center for Conflict Resolution. and works as a mediator to help resolve civil and domestic disputes, including separation, divorce and custody. 

Dr. Topel earned his doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. His doctoral dissertation, conducted at Rush, is entitled, “A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Parallel-group Study of Flexible Dose Mixed Salts Amphetamine (5-60 mg) Adjunctive to Antidepressant Therapy among Adult Outpatients with Major Depressive Disorder Responding Inadequately to Current Antidepressant Therapy."

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