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Natalija Nogulich, Life Coach for Creatives

Natalija Nogulich partners with clients to develop their creative skills and work through barriers that hold them back, both personally and professionally. She provides a safe space to explore creative ideas, as she supports and guides clients using targeted techniques to increase clarity and momentum.  If self-doubt hinders success, Ms. Nogulich helps to identify unconscious fears and work past them. Her keen insight provides fresh perspectives to forge a clear path, as she instills confidence and excitement for clients to realize new visions.


Ms. Nogulich brings real world experience from her lifelong acting, writing, directing, and creative teaching career.  She was an adjunct professor at ArtCenter College of Design, American Film Institute, Principe College, Notre Dame University and Cal Poly Tech. On screen, she has appeared on Netflix, all major networks, and in Broadway theaters, and has worked alongside actors such as Jack Nicholson, Selena Gomez, and Al Pacino. She is also known for her recurring role as Admiral Nechayev in Star Trek-The Next Generation (Sir Patrick Stewart’s superior officer). Ms. Nogulich loves helping others and believes everybody needs a good coach. Her motto: "There are no limits."  

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